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About Us

The University College’s mission is:
“to sustain a critical community of educational excellence in teaching, scholarship and research in a shared learning environment where diversity is welcomed, in order to help meet the professional needs
of society in Northern Ireland and beyond.”

Since it was established in 1922 the Teacher Education has been central to the College’s mission. Over the years our mission has expanded to take account of the related professional fields of Early Childhood Studies and Health & Physical Education. Our vision is to create a vibrant and forward looking University College which provides ‘a selective range of professionally-related, high quality, academic programmes, informed by relevant research and scholarship, in a shared learning environment.

Lifelong Learning underpins this vision and we seek to bring a range of Professional Development and Extra Mural programmes to a diverse range of learners across the Province. In 2013-14 we engaged with some 2000 learners through our Professional Development & Lifelong Learning Programmes. Learning takes place not only on the Stranmillis campus but in the Learning Hubs established in collaboration with communities across Northern Ireland.. Engagement with the community is one of the College’s core values and supports our commitment to shared learning. Whether this is your first step towards a postgraduate qualification, or part of your desire for lifelong learning, I am confident that you will have a rewarding and enriching experience at Stranmillis University College.