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10. Making Art with your Phone

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 11th January 2019 delivered by GERRY COE
Do you own a smart phone or tablet?  If yes, do you realise the potential you have at your fingertips to create fabulous Art?  It does not matter whether it is an iPhone or an Android device; they all have the same potential.  During the talk Gerry will show some of the possibilities that can be achieved by using your mobile phone.  Discover more today!

“The rapid spread of mobile technology is transforming media consumption and marketing communications across the world,” said Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting at ZenithOptimedia. “For more and more people, their smartphone or tablet is the first place they look for information or entertainment.”  The rise of the tablet is mirrored in the smartphone world with 69% of the UK population expected to own one by the end of  2018,  The Guardian.