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4. History of Irish Language

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Friday 28th September 2018 - Dr Ian Malcolm

The Irish language has rarely been out of the news in the past few years and seems to have become a key issue in the political stalemate! Debates around an Irish Language Act have been sharp and frequently toxic.

But what is the truth about Irish? Does it belong to everyone? Or is it the preserve of Catholics and Nationalists, rightly shunned by Protestants and Unionists?

Ian Malcolm, who has written widely on the subject, will address these issues and more in a talk that aims to demystify the language and who it ‘belongs’ to.

A collector and singer of songs from the Orange tradition, he will also talk about how he came to appreciate and love the language despite his strongly Unionist background.

If you enjoy the talk, you may also enjoy Ian’s Irish courses at Stranmillis.