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CPD035 Advanced Teaching and Learning Methods

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The refresher course offers all teachers the opportunity to reflect on the skills of the teacher and review over 80 new teaching methods including active learning strategies, technology enhanced learning tools and best practice ideas for curriculum planning in any subject/discipline.

Creative teaching ideas will be shared using a range of role-modelled strategies for teaching, learning and assessment.  The course will offer opportunities for sharing, reflection, constructive critique while encouraging teachers to trial new methods and tools over the short study period.

Workshop 1:    The Brain and How People Learn Best.  The innovative Curriculum Plan to support learner activity and whole-brain teaching and learning.

Workshop 2:    Thinking Wall – 80 New and Exciting Ways to Teach. 

Workshop 3:    Planning the Creative Whole-Brain Active Learning Lesson.

Workshop 4:    Reflect and Review – Sharing ideas and best practice outcomes

Tutor: Celia O'Hagan
Wednesday 27th March x 4 weeks