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CPD042: Making a Difference (Quality Improvement and the role of the learning leader)

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A short CPD courses offering intensive training and upskilling for learning practitioners involved in the leadership of a curriculum area or team or with a quality role in the school, College or training organisation.
The course will support staff in the development of professional reflective learning strategies for self-evaluation and review purposes within a department or organisation/school.

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Review best practice strategies for professional learning and self evaluation/assessment including the use of technology for evaluation and teaching standards/research.
  • Develop a programme of support for teams in support of whole organisation(school, college or training organisation) improvement.
  • Lead a team in the implementation of a plan for improvement demonstrating capabilities in professional data management (performance reviews), learner journey development and quality compliance and improvement.
  • Upskill in teaching excellence with a focus on mentoring and observing best practice within the classroom.

This taster provision may allow for progression within a postgraduate course, up to masters level, where there is evidence of learning attainment.

There is an option with this course to do a short final assignment to achieve a Certificate of Attainment.

TUTORS: Celia O'Hagan 
Please note dates and times for this class are to me made directly with the Tutor .  Please email for more information
£110 Attendance or £160 Attainment (based on short assigment)