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CPD2201: Keeping them Safe Online - Esafety and Digital Safeguarding for Schools

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Children and young people are spending more time online and using devices at a younger age. Despite the many social and educational benefits that this brings, increased access to the online space exposes them to risks and negative online experiences.

This new, interactive course will explore the issues and challenges faced by children and young people, and by parents and educators as they seek to protect them online. Drawing on national and international research evidence, participants will learn about the risks to young people online: content (e.g. pornography), contact (e.g. grooming) and conduct (e.g. sexting and cyberbullying). They will also explore ways that teachers and parents can help children and young people to increase their digital resilience so they can enjoy the many benefits to the online space while keeping safe.

TUTOR: Dr Deborah Webster
Commencing Wednesday 8th March 2023 x 4 weeks 6:30-8:30pm