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CPD912: Advanced Certificate for Theatre in Schools (ACTS)

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The purpose of the Advanced Certificate for Theatre in Schools is to give you the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence required to create and present full-scale theatrical productions in a school.  You might want to add to your existing skills or you might want to learn these skills for the first time. ACTS is focused not only upon the theory, but upon the ability to successfully deliver live theatre in schools.

Course Structure

Each participant will be part of a team; each team will be assigned the task of developing a One-Act play to performance standard, which will then be assessed in performance. Under experienced guidance, participants will have opportunities to develop confidence, competence and skills required to deliver a high standard of production management, artistic direction, technical management and performance in school theatre. The course will take place in Stranmillis Theatre over two blocks each of two full days.

Course Content

Content will address a range of issues, such as: front-of-house and business management; publicity; programme design; properties; costuming and scheduling; techniques of stage direction; stage movement; techniques of acting and the use of voice; principles of stage lighting and sound systems; procedures for stage management; set design and construction.

Dr Michael Ivers and Mr Andrew Brown
Drama Theatre - Central Building 
4 Sessions - 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th August 2020
£200 Attendance