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Number Talk (Teaching and Learning Resource)

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Number Talk: A resource to promote understanding and use of early number language

This practical handbook focuses on how teachers may promote ‘math talk’ when developing early number concepts. It provides a wealth of ideas on how the specialised vocabulary of number can be introduced and reinforced through playful approaches. (It will be of particular interest to teachers of children aged 4-6.)
The key number concepts have been organised in three colour-coded sections:
  1. Number and counting (uses of number; number symbols; counting principles)
  2. Number relationships (comparing; ordering; structuring; partitioning and combining)
  3. Number operations (early addition and subtraction)

Each of the three sections begins with an overview explaining the underpinning mathematical concepts and principles followed by examples of learning experiences associated with these ideas. Each section also comprises a wide range of interactive and engaging activities for use in whole class and small group situations. Each activity is closely referenced against the key mathematical ideas and suggests how the specialised vocabulary of number may be introduced and reinforced; assessment opportunities are clearly identified.


The resource also provides introductory guidance material on:
  • A number rich environment
  • Number across the setting
  • Promoting number at home
Number Talk is full of practical advice and suggestions on how to engage children in meaningful discussions about number, encouraging them to share their ideas, explain their thinking, and communicate their understanding.

‘This lovely user-friendly resource has layers of depth for teachers to explore and I suspect it will rarely end up being put back on the shelf because it will be in constant use.
(Cherri Moseley, Independent Primary Mathematics Consultant)

‘Excellent planning for key language. Lessons very well structured. Activities provided the children with valuable and quality learning experiences.’
(Foundation Stage Teacher)