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The Protocol

The Protocol
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THE PROTOCOL: Dismantling the Union or Opportunity Knocks?

THURSDAYS at 18:30-20:30 for seven sessions

Tutor: Peter Weil, MA Cantab

Does the Protocol offer any real business opportunities or is it all smoke and mirrors? A beneficial course aimed at small businesses in Northern Ireland, focusing on what business can do at a practical level to ensure win-win scenarios for us, for Great British, for Republic of Ireland and for the European Union (EU). You will hear from a range of experts, employers and business people with first-hand experiences of operating within the Protocol.  In addition, some of our best local and global political brains will offer their suggestions for creating a win-win scenario. Each session will offer balance, fairness and objectivity - audience participation is encouraged.

Session One


A Good Position?


Session Two


The Unionist Perspective


Session Three


A Unique Proposition for Manufacturers?


Session Four


The Business Perspective


Session Five




Session Six


Yes, Minister


Session Seven


Is a Compromise Possible?